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Wild woodland workouts

Do you want to connect in nature through movement and exercise? do you want to build strength and power?


Come and join Holley and Mimi as we jump, life, move over, across, up and down in the woodlands with some fun, fast paced challenges which focus on power, strength and balance. 

Being outdoors has shown to reduce stress and increase positive feelings social exercise does the same. 

The sessions will incorporate a variety of elements from natural parkour, Hiit and crossfit including box jumps, squats,  press ups and burpees and circuits using the incline of the grounds to help elevate the heart rate whilst we build resilience strength and explosive power within a woodland context  

can you box jump a log? 

Can you read the terrain and know how to land?  

Babies and children are welcome but are parent’s responsibility throughout. Please dress according to the weather and bring a mat if necessary.