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Forest School leader  Earthwalk educator

Founder of Wild Wood Rangers

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1) What is your favorite thing to do in the woods?

I love experimenting with different ways of movement over, through, across the terrain of the woodland from jumping, climbing, sliding especially in the mud when it rains.

2) what is your favourite camp fire food?

I love experimenting with food on the fire, chocolate cake in a pumpkin, soups, stews, oooh and Fruit kebabs dipped in melted chocolate and marshmallow healthy and naughty at the same time and super scrumptious
3) Whats your favourite mini beast?

Wiggly worms I love doing the wiggly woo dance when we find one
4) If you could be a woodland animal what would it be and why?

I love robins and one visits the woods where we have Forest school all time I would like to speak his language and fly with him
5)Whats your favourite woodland smell?

The smell of the woodlands after it rains

6) What is your favourite campfire song?

I love a good ole sing song around the woodlands. I sing about everything and anything even the most mundane of the things can be turned into song. My favorite songs are those we make up about the woodlands, the textures, the colours, the birds, I love to play with words and make them up too in roots go down is a special favourite because we explore the woodland through song I am a silver birch waving in the wind,I am a silver birch waving in the wind, my roots go down. I love the Viking song Earth stone feather and bone it s a bedtime favourite with my girls too.

7)What treasures do you like to collect in the woodlands and what do you do with them?

I am a bit of a treasure hoarder. I love collecting acorn cups, pinecones and conkers and fill jars with them around my home. Conkers are a great deterrant for spiders so dot them around the house.




Outdoor Personal Trainer

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Artist and

Forest School Assistant-Dorking

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 1) What is your favorite thing to do in the woodlands?

I like walking through the wood and really looking properly at everything. Spotting pattern and shape and textures and colours. Thinking about how a certain tree grows or looking for the signs of spring slowly, magically appearing

2) what is your favorite camp fire food?

Baked potatoes with butter.
3) If you could be a minibeast what would you be and why?

Stag beetle. The horns, the shiny carapace and the size of them. Quite a sight in flight.
4) If you could be a woodland animal what would you be and why?

Got to be a fox.
5) What is your favorite texture of the woodlands?

My favorite texture is the bark of those big old gnarly sweet chestnut trees.

6) What is your favorite woodland smell?

Woodsmoke is always lovely. Spring has a smell too.
7) What is your favorite campfire song?

I love singing and I love singing together. If you are singing together outdoors round a campfire then pretty much any song is wonderful.

8) What treasures do you like to collect in the woodlands and what do you do with them?

In Autumn I brought home the biggest acorns I'd ever seen. They were 2 inches long! I still have one on my display shelf in my living room.